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Privacy Policy


At Structers, we value your privacy and are committed to protecting and processing your personal information responsibly.

This privacy statement describes how Structers collects, uses, and shares personal information about consumers and other individuals within our clients, business partners, supplier and other organizations with which Structers has or contemplates a business relationship. It applies to Structers Corporation and Structers subsidiaries except where a subsidiary presents its own statement without reference to Structers.

Where we provide products, services, or applications as a business-to-business provider to a client, the client is responsible for the collection and use of personal information while using these products, services, or applications. This collection and use are covered by the client’s privacy policy, unless otherwise described. Our agreement with the client may allow us to request and collect information about authorized users of these products, services, or applications for reasons of contract management. In this case, this privacy statement, or a supplementary privacy notice, applies.

We may provide additional data privacy information by using a supplementary privacy notice.


This section describes the various types of information that we collect and how we use it.
It includes information on your account, Structers website,  Structers Applications, Cloud and Online services, Marketing, Contractual Relationships, Support Services, Protecting you and Structers, Structers Locations, Recruitment and Former Employees, conducting our Business Operations, Cookies and similar Technologies and Children.  
The information that we collect and use may include profile information, interactions on webpages, marketing preferences, information to investigate malicious activities, recordings or transcripts of your conversations with us for support purposes, information to improve our business operations, and more.


Our website offers ways to communicate with you about us, our products, and services. The information that we collect on websites is used to provide you with access to the website, to operate the website, to improve your experience, and to personalize the way that information is provided to you. If you visit our website, we may collect information that is connected to your website visit.

Structers Marketing

Subject to your preferences, we use the information that we collect to communicate with you about relevant products, services, and offerings. We also use this information to personalize your online experience with our content and advertisements and to develop internal marketing and business intelligence.

A contractual relationship is created when you order a trial, or a product or service from us. While we mainly provide our products and services to businesses, individuals may also enter into an agreement with us directly as a client. We may collect any information that is reasonably necessary to prepare for, enter, and fulfil, the contractual agreement.

When you contact us to request support, including through LiveChat, we collect your contact information, problem description, and possible resolutions. We record the information that is provided to handle the support query, for administrative purposes, to foster our relationship with you, for staff training, and for quality assurance purposes.

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